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Lambton's Parenting Program Survey Report 2010

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Released January 24, 2011

Parenting Cover Image SUMMARY REPORT: Parenting Program Survey 2010 - PDF (1.3 MB)

The County of Lambton, Child Health & Dental Services Department (CH&DS) provides parenting classes for parents in Lambton County. Several classes are held throughout Lambton County and are facilitated by one or more public health nurses.

Based on low attendance and a high attrition rate over the course of a session, CH&DS decided to evaluate our parenting programs and determine how to best meet the needs of parents in our community.

A survey was developed by the epidemiologist in consultation with CH&DS staff to assess the needs, interests and barriers facing parents with respect to parenting classes. Survey results will inform program delivery decisions as teams modify the current programs.

SUMMARY REPORT: Parenting Program Survey 2010 - PDF (1.3 MB)

The summary report includes the following information:
  • Summary Report
  • Background
  • Methods
  • Respondent Characteristics
  • Previous Participation in Parenting Programs
  • Topics of Interest
  • Preferences of Program Delivery
  • Barriers and Proposed Solutions
  • Next Steps

Appendix A: County of Lambton Parenting Program Survey 2010
Appendix B: Summary Statistics Report
Appendix C: Topics of Interest by Age of Child

For more information about parenting programs provided by the Child Health & Dental Services Department visit:

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