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Healthy Weights, Healthy Lives for Lambton

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Healthy Weights, Healthy Lives for Lambton

 A Health Status Report for Lambton County

Released October 2005.

For the full Health Status Report 2005
click here. (PDF - 3892.92KB)


Lambton's report covers the following topics:

Introduction – Lambton’s Medical Officer of Health
Weighing the Risks
Healthy Weight 101
Technology, Inactivity and Food

Paying the Price
Tipping the Scales: Re-shaping Lambton

A Call to Action
Appendix A (Calculating BMI)
Appendix B (Levels of Physical Activity)

Download a PDF copy of this report.

A Call to Action

The Lambton Public Health is currently leading a made-in Lambton strategic planning process to mobilize the community and identify and address the factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic. On October 24, 2005 , community leaders from all sectors were called upon to help to develop a long term plan in order to make this effort come to life. We need the continued support and involvement of all stakeholders in order to identify our strengths, where we need to improve, to set goals and measure our progress. Parents, teachers, politicians, health professionals, recreation leaders and municipal planners are all part of the solution. This community has a strong history of working together to plan for a better future. We have the people, the skills, the knowledge, and the will to reverse the tide of overweight and obesity.

Together let’s find a way!

Provincial Report:

2004 Chief Medical Officer of Health Report

Healthy Weights, Healthy Lives

Download a PDF copy of this report. 

Ministry of Health Promotion

The Ministry of Health Promotion's "It's Not Gonna Kill You" campaign is a public education initiative that aims to encourage youth to make healthier nutrition choices and be more physically active.
Link: It's Not Gonna Kill You" Campaign

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