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Smoking and Tobacco Links

Smoking and Tobacco Homepage

Quit Smoking - Programs and Services

Family and Tobacco

Youth and Tobacco

Tobacco Hotline

Tobacco Facts and Information

Tobacco-Free Sport and Recreation

Laws on Tobacco

Tobacco-Free Grounds Policy

Smoke-Free Public Outdoor Spaces

Smoke-Free Housing

Tobacco Hotline

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Lambton's Tobacco Hotline:cell phone image simulating a call to the tobacco hotline

519-383-3810 or

1-800-667-1839 ext. 3810


Call the Hotline:

  • To register a complaint about an area that does not follow the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. It could be a business, workplace, bar and restaurant patio, multi-unit residence, public sporting area and playground.
  • For information on the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.
  • Ask about help to quit smoking.

Smoke Free Ontario Logo and Link
For more information on the Smoke-Free Ontario Act visit the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care website.