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Who are we?

The Lambton Seniors Association (LSA) is an organization of retired individuals 50 years and over interested in issues which affect their quality of life in Lambton County. The initiatives undertaken by the LSA affect not only the retired but also their family members, individuals, groups and the community. The LSA is both directly involved through its committee activities and indirectly involved through the 72 seniors groups it represents. It sets up gatherings or projects involving their members, at which all seniors are encouraged to attend and discuss subjects that are of benefit to seniors, their families and the community.

Mission Statement

To strengthen the quality of life of seniors in Lambton county, with volunteer and community support, through active and direct participation in issues affecting seniors.


To identify issues and assist in planning initiatives for improving the quality of life of Lambton Seniors.
To communicate on the issues affecting their well-being.
To promote and implement relevant programs and activities.
Strategies of advocacy, education and service provision have been established to accomplish these. One means of achievement will be to design inter-generational activities where appropriate.


By following the links supplied here, you will find websites that pertain to the issues and concerns of seniors.

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