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Pedestrian Crossovers

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Pedestrian crossovers are a special type of road crossing that give pedestrians the right-of-way. 
Pedestrian crossovers have specific pavement markings and "stop for pedestrian" signage. Pavement markings include a "ladder" type marking in the pedestrian crossing path and yield to pedestrian pavement markings where cyclists and drivers must stop. Some pedestrian crossovers also have pedestrian activated lights.

Watch the City of Hamilton's video on how to use a crossover.

Responsibility of Motorists

  • Always watch for pedestrians when approaching crossovers.
  • STOP behind the yield line road marking.
  • Wait until the pedestrian has completely crossed the road before proceeding.
  • Do not pass any vehicle within 30 metres of a pedestrian crossover.

Responsibility of Cyclists

  • When cycling, follow the rules of a driver.
  • When using a crossover, dismount and follow rules of a pedestrian.

Responsibility of Pedestrians

  • Point or make an indication to drivers that you want to cross before entering the roadway. If available, use the pedestrian push button to activate crossover lights.
  • Always look both ways and make eye contact with the driver(s) to make sure they have seen you.
  • Do not enter the roadway until traffic has stopped.
  • Cross only at the marked crosswalk.

Crosswalks vs Crossover

Crosswalks are crossing locations normally found at intersections with traffic signals, pedestrian signals or stop signs. This law does not apply to crosswalks unless a school crossing guard is present.


  • "Ladder" strips not always present in crossing area
  • Normally at traffic signal, stop sign or school crossing
  • Do not have to wait for pedestrian to completely cross the road before proceeding

Crosswalk sample image
Image Source: Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)


  • "Ladder" markings always in crossing area
  • "Stop for Pedestrian" signage always present
  • Pavement markings show where cyclists and drivers must stop
  • May or may not have lights or overhead signage
  • Drivers and cyclist must wait for pedestrian to completely cross road before proceeding

Crossover Sample Images
Image Source: Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)

School Crossings

This law applies to all:

  • Pedestrian crossovers
  • School crossings and any location where a school crossing guard is present

School Crossing sample image
Image Source: Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)


Drivers failing to stop and yield the whole roadway at pedestrian crossovers, school crossings and other locations where there is a crossing guard can receive a fine up to $500 and 3 demerit points. Fines are doubled in community safety zones.

Location of Pedestrian Crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers exist in the following municipalities:

Lambton Shores
Town of Petrolia
Town of Plympton-Wyoming
Village of Point Edward
City of Sarnia
Warwick Township

For More Information:

Ministry of Transportation Ontario
Ontario Drivers Handbook
Ontario Traffic Manual Book 15 2016