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Boil Water Advisory: Mandatory Guidelines for Public Pools, Spas, Wading Pools

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PDF of Mandatory Guidelines for Public Pools, Spas, Wading Pools

If a Boil Water Advisory is issued public pools, spas and wading pools MUST follow these guidelines:

  1. Post signs telling bathers not to ingest pool, spa or wading pool water.
  2. In all swimming pools, maintain normal disinfectant levels: free available chlorine of not less than 0.5 mg/L or a total bromine level of not less than 2.0 ppm. Maintain pH and total alkalinity levels in the ranges according to Ontario law to ensure disinfection works but does not affect bather comfort.
  3. Make sure drinking water fountains around pools, spas and wading pools are shut off. Post notices at washroom hand sinks advising not to drink the water.
  4. Provide bottled water or a choice of safe water supply acceptable to the Medical Officer of Health to all bathers.
  5. Make sure all bathers shower before entering the pool, spa or wading pool. Supervise small children so they do not ingest water.
  6. Prevent people, who are ill, have open sores or diarrhea, from using the pool, spa or wading pool.
  7. Record all cases of “fecal accidents” including times and location in the pool, spa or wading pool record book.
  8. Babies, toddlers and bathers, who do not have control of their bowels, should wear a diaper designed for swimming to prevent fecal discharge into the water.

If you have any questions, contact the County of Lambton Lambton Public Health 519 383-8331 or toll-free 1-800-667-1839.

Dated May, 2006

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