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Pregnancy and Before Links

Parent Drop-In Program

Prenatal Classes

Smoking Cessation Programs & Services in Lambton County

Pregnancy and Before

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Planning for pregnancy doesn't just mean decorating the nursery. Ensuring that you and your partner are healthy before you decide to have a baby is very important.

Once you are pregnant there are some things you should also be aware of that could affect you and your baby.  Topics like weight gain, vitamin and mineral supplements, food safety and your mental health are important for a healthy pregnancy. Read on through our resources to find out all this information and more.  If you would like to speak to a Public Health Nurse for any additional information, call 519-383-8331 ext. 3817.

Please click on the following topics for more health-related information:

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Creating Healthy Home for Children

Drugs in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not Always What you Expect: Taking Care of Your Mental Health while Pregnant or Planning a Pregnancy

Folic Acid

Giving Birth in a New Land

Healthy Eating, Exercise, and Weight Gain Before and During Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

Men's Health Before Baby

Morning Sickness

Nutrition and Pregnancy

Safe Food Handling During Pregnancy

Substance Misuse in Pregnancy

Physical Activity Before and During Pregnancy

Planning for a Baby

Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy after 35

Prenatal Classes

Work & Pregnancy

Young Parent Prenatal Classes