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Poverty Taxes our Health

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Health begins with where we live, learn, work and play and is a resource for leading a full life. Good health allows us to achieve other goals such as education and training or earning a good job that provides the income needed to make healthy choices.

The health of our community is impacted when a growing number of individuals are at risk for poor health because of their social or financial situation. It's about supporting access to resources so individuals have the same opportunities to choose healthy options.

Seeking Support

Are you seeking support or need help with:


Access to Food
Mental Health - Minds Connected

Support Resources - Lambton Public Health

Dental Care for Kids
Garden Fresh Box (food buying program)
Reducing Risk and Harm (Sexual Health and Drugs)
Infant and Child Health

Building Support

Community Members - advocacy initiatives
Poverty Reduction Network Facebook
Income Security: A Roadmap for Change
Income Security Advocacy Centre
Infographic: A Recipe for Hunger in Lambton County

Minimum wage
Basic Income Guarantee
Employment Standards Act