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Poverty Taxes our Health

Health Impact: Working Conditions

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When you have a job that is secure and safe you will have better health outcomes. On the other hand, people without jobs are more likely to experience:

  • Poverty
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loneliness
  • Poor health
  • Shorter lifespan1,2

Unstable Employment

People who work in unstable conditions have higher death rates, poorer mental health, and tense personal relationships.1,5 Unstable employment can include:

  • Irregular or part-time hours
  • Low job security
  • Low wages
  • Few social benefits1,3,4

People who have lower education, poorer health, and/or are racialized are at a greater risk of experiencing unstable working conditions.7

Unsafe Working Conditions

Since a large part of the day may be spent at work, the working conditions are important because they affect the physical and emotional well-being of a person.4 Harmful working conditions can include excessive noise, heat, vibration, and irregular work hours.7 Stressful or unsafe work conditions can:

  • Increase the risk of heart-related disease
  • Lead to chronic pain, like back pain from an work-related injury
  • Increase the risk of depression
  • Even cause death1,4

Employment in the County of Lambton

Sarnia-Lambton is unique because of its large rural population and that raises issues for rural job seekers.6 People living in rural areas may have added employment barriers, such as:

  • Fewer employment options
  • Lower education levels
  • Lack of transportation6

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Resources and Opportunities in Lambton County of Lambton

For more information about Working Conditions, or Social Determinants of Health, call Lambton Public Health at 519-383-8331 or toll free 1-800-667-1839.


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Resources and Opportunities

Employment Resource Centre
The Employment Resource Centre helps with employment needs and objectives. They offer access high-speed internet, job banks, and training to enhance résumés.

  • Located in Bayside Centre: 150 Christina St. N., Sarnia, ON, 519-344-9303

Employment for Newcomers
Whether you are new to Canada or from a different province or town, finding a job in Sarnia-Lambton may be different from finding work in your previous town.

Youth Job Connection
For anyone between the ages of 15-29 years. Gain employment skills, get paid to learn, and make connections in the community.

Employment Insurance
For information about Employment Insurance (EI) visit or call the Service Canada Centre.

  • 529 Exmouth St., Sarnia, ON (across from Northgate Plaza), 1-800-622-6232

More Employment Resources
Sarnia-Lambton offers many FREE employment services to help with your job search, career planning or starting a business.