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Student Nutrition Program

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Student Nutrition Programs (SNP) provide a healthy nutritional environment in schools, support efforts to improve the eating habits of children and youth, and work to better prepare kids for a full day of learning. Feeding young minds!

- Adapted from the Ontario Student Nutrition Program (OSNP)

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

What is a Student Nutrition Program?

Benefits of a Student Nutrition Program

How to start a Student Nutrition Program

Other ways to help a Student Nutrition Program

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Vision Statement

To ensure all children attending school in Lambton County are well nourished and ready to learn and to ensure that all children in Lambton County will have access to healthy food choices.

Mission Statement

With the support of the Ontario Student Nutrition Program, Breakfast for Learning, educators, parents and community partners, we promote, educate and provide the resources needed to implement and maintain a successful Student Nutrition Program in every school in Lambton County. To provide student nutrition programs to all school aged children and youth through the work of supportive community partnerships.

What is a Student Nutrition Program  

A Student Nutrition Program offers children and youth healthy food on days they attend school. Operated primarily by volunteers during scheduled class breaks or before school starts.

To ensure the success of a Student Nutrition Program, each participating school must have the support of its principal, as well as a small group of volunteers determined to see Lambton County’s children and youth succeed.

A school has a choice of a Healthy Snack Program,  Meal Program or a Blended Program.

Healthy Snack Program

A healthy snack contains at least one serving from a minimum of two out of the four food groups of Canada’s Food Guide with at least one serving from the Vegetables and Fruit food group. Nutritional value of a snack is improved by offering choices from three of the four food groups.

An example of a portion each student may receive in a snack program is an apple and 10 whole grain crackers.

Meal Program

A meal contains at least one serving from a minimum of three out of the four food groups of Canada’s Food Guide with at least one serving from the vegetables and fruit food group and at least one serving from the milk and alternatives food group.

An example of what each student may receive in a meal program is one banana, one cup of milk and half of a bagel with jam.

The snack and meal programs can operate in several ways. Students may deliver snacks to each classroom or a scheduled time can be set up for students to drop in.

Blended Program

A blended program contains one serving from the vegetables and fruit food group for every student. In addition at least two other food groups must be available but not necessarily served to everyone.

Benefits of a Student Nutrition Program

All schools in Lambton County have the option to run a Student Nutrition Program to benefit students, schools, parents and volunteers.

Children holding up fruit

Benefits for students:

  • Improved attendance
  • Increased attention span
  • Attend class ready to learn

Benefits for schools:

  • Students are more alert
  • Teachers can focus on educating
  • Positive social behaviours

Benefits for parents:

  • Inclusive of all children
  • Know their children are eating healthy food
  • Role modelling nutritious snacking

Benefits for volunteers:

  • Give back to their community
  • Contribute to growing future generations
  • More interactive with child’s school

For a complete list of programs contact Lambton Public Health at 519-344-2062 ext. 2011. 

How to Start a Student Nutrition Program

If you are interested in starting a program at your school, the Student Nutrition Coordinator from Lambton Public Health can set up an information meeting for prospective coordinators, volunteers, school councils or community groups.


As coordinator, you will help build a strong and healthy future for Lambton County’s students. Some of the tasks you and your volunteers may be asked to do are: creating healthy menus, recruiting volunteers, grocery shopping, planning exciting fundraisers or socializing with children and youth.

Help is available from the Registered Dietitians and Public Health Inspectors at Lambton Public Health to support and assist with nutrition and safe food handling.

For more details on becoming your school’s coordinator, call the Student Nutrition Coordinator at 519-344-2062 ext. 2011.

Other ways to help Student Nutrition Program

If you would like to contribute to a Student Nutrition Program in other ways, you can volunteer, fundraise or make a financial donation to support the school of your choice.

To find out which school would be the best for you, and to learn more helpful ideas, call the Student Nutrition Coordinator at 519-344-2062 ext. 2011.


Every pair of hands makes a big difference!

This extremely rewarding activity will have you work with your school’s Program Coordinator to accomplish a wide variety of activities: prepare meals, cleanup after meals, and do quick trips to your local grocery store.


If you don’t have a few minutes every day to help at a school, you can fundraise on your own or with a group of like-minded individuals. Pick an activity, organize a few volunteers, gather supplies, and have fun!

Financial Donation

You can make a financial donation directly to a specific school with a Student Nutrition Program or to the Ontario Student Nutrition Program-Lambton (OSNP-Lambton), which provides emergency funds for schools to purchase food, or appliances.

To learn more about OSNP-Lambton contact the program coordinator at 519-344-2062 ext. 2011.

OSNP-Lambton list of partners:

Lambton Public Health
Lambton Kent District School Board
St. Clair Catholic District School Board
West Lambton Community Health Centre
County of Lambton, Social Planning and Program Support
YMCA Sarnia-Lambton
French Catholic School Board, School Coordinator Representative, Bluewater Health
Counseil Scolaire Viamonde
Lambton College Student Advisory Committee
Victorian Order of Nurses

Community Partners & Donors:

OSSTF/FEESO District 10
Bluewater Power
Kinsmen Club of Sarnia
TransAlta Community Transformers
Sarnia Produce Inc.
United Way Sarnia-Lambton
Grace United Church Women
Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority
London Road West United Church
Employees of Pembina
CEP Local 914
Sacred Heart Church - Catholic Women's League
COPE Construction & Contracting Ltd.
IODE - Hon. Malcom Cameron Chapter
IODE - Errol Egremont Chapter
Blackburn Radio
Lambton Financial Credit Union
Noelle's Gift
Rotary Club of Sarnia Bluewaterland
Smith Funeral Home
Lambton-Kent District School Board Retired Teachers

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