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School Age: Children & Youth

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5 to 17 years of age

All children grow at different rates. Some grow faster or slower than others. If your child seems happy, healthy, is usually hungry at mealtimes and is active, then they are likely doing fine.

What is most important is a child's overall growth pattern, not a single height or weight at any one time. Ask about your child's growth pattern when you are visiting your health care provider.

Help your child feel good about their body by praising their strengths, abilities and unique personality, not their appearance. Also try not to criticize your own body or the way others look.

Eating together as a family at least one meal a day is a perfect way to teach your child healthy eating habits, table manners and social skills. Involving children in the kitchen will not only teach an important life skill but they may be more willing to try a food they helped make.

Learn about meal planning, healthy food and beverage choices and more from EatRight Ontario's Raising our Healthy Kids videos.

Visit Dairy Farmers of Canada's Family Kitchen for tips, tools and recipes that you and your kids will love.

Healthy Weights for Children and Teens

With leadership and support from the BC Ministry of Health, Dietitians of Canada created and focus tested messages for parents and teens to promote healthy weights. These motivational messages and related tips were used in creating a series of fact sheets made available in March 2013. 
Healthy Bodies for Children and Teens (Dietitians of Canada)