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6 months to 5 years

The first year of life is a time of rapid growth and development. Eating habits learned during infancy and early childhood influence food attitudes throughout life.

Children's appetites and nutrient needs reflect their stage of growth and activity level. As a parent or caregiver, you are responsible for what foods to offer, when to offer meals and snacks and where your child will eat. Trust your child to decide which foods to eat and how much to eat.

Check out EatRight Ontario's Raising our Healthy Kids videos to learn about role modelling healthy eating behaviours, avoiding common eating challenges and creating positive family meal times.

Links | Resources

Best Start - Feeding Your Baby: From Six Months to 1 Year

EatRight Ontario - How to Build a Healthy Toddler (12-36 months)

Best Start - How to Feed Your Growing Child (Ages 2-5)

EatRight Ontario - How to Build a Healthy Preschooler (Ages 3-5)

Nutri-eSTEP is a fast and simple way for the parents and caregivers of toddlers (18 - 35 months) and preschoolers (3 - 5 years) to find out more about their children’s eating habits. This 17 question self-administered online tool takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Once completed, the results will give parents feedback on what is going well and what to work on, with links to trusted nutrition resources, tools and recipes. The tool is available in English and French. 

Making Food for Your Baby - This practical three minute video from York Region Health Department teaches parents and caregivers how simple and easy it can be to make food for their baby using foods they are already making for themselves.

The Baby Food Basics videos from Middlesex-London Health Unit offer step-by-step visual guides of how to make your own baby food. The videos include information about introducing solid foods to a baby, selecting, cooking and preparing healthy foods for baby, the importance of increasing and changing texture in foods, how to interact with your baby during feeding, food safety and much more.

For more information on feeding your baby, visit the Government of Canada's Healthy Canadian's website