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At School with girl in classroomThe Ministry of Education introduced the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy (also known as PPM 150). This policy includes nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools.

The policy applies to food and beverages sold:

The nutrition standards do not apply to lunches or snacks that are brought from home.

The School Food and Beverage Policy is part of a broader effort to develop healthier learning environments and improve student achievement since research has shown that children who eat a healthy diet are more ready to learn and more likely to be successful in school.

Schools are allowed up to 10 "special-event" days throughout the year, where they are exempt from the standards. Although "special-event" days give them greater flexibility with food and beverages, schools are encouraged to offer healthy options.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has developed an on-line Nutrition Standards Tool to assess how products with nutrition facts tables comply with the nutrition standards set out by the School Food and Beverage Policy.

The Nutrition Standards Tool will:

The standards set out by the Ministry of Education are a starting point or minimum standards. Our school boards have chosen to go beyond the Ministry's standards to ensure a higher level of nutrition for their students:

St. Clair Catholic District School Board Food and Beverage Policy
Lambton Kent District School Board Food and Beverage Policy
Off-Site Food Service Supplier Letter of Compliance

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PARENTS:  Need fresh ideas for packing healthy school lunches? Download a copy of the A+ School Lunches factsheet.

TEACHERS:  Lambton Public Health provides a library of resources for loan to educators. 

BrightBites is a free, non-profit program for schools (elementary and secondary) or individual classes/groups to make improving school nutrition fun, easy and rewarding-one bite at a time.

Using 4 easy steps, BrightBites will help your school earn badges and recognition on topics such as celebrations, catered lunches, packed lunches, curriculum connections and more!

Every time the steps are completed, share your story using a simple online form, and receive a digital badge that will appear on the BrightBites website. You can also share your badge on social media and on your school’s website. With each badge, your team climbs the BrightBites Hall of Fame.

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