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Hepatitis B Vaccine

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What is Hepatitis B?

A viral infection of the liver which may cause flu-like symptoms, abdominal pain, and jaundice. This may progress to cause serious liver damage, or even death. A small percentage of those infected become chronic carriers and remain infectious for life.

Acquired through contact with the blood or body fluids of an infected person, or from contact with objects contaminated with blood, such as used needles or razor blades.

No effective treatment or cure is presently available.

Indications for Hepatitis B vaccine:

  • Household or sexual contacts of a positive case (individual who is a chronic carrier), or infants born to Hepatitis B infected mothers.
  • Persons receiving blood or blood products for medical reasons.
  • Persons at risk because of lifestyle choices, such as sharing needles or risky sexual practices.
  • Travel to developing countries where Hepatitis B is endemic, and especially if the traveller is in close contact with the local people.
  • Potential occupational exposure to blood or body fluids; e.g. police, fire fighters, health care personnel, etc.


This vaccine is given in a series of three doses:

  • Dose 1: Day zero
  • Dose 2: One month after first dose
  • Dose 3: Five months after second dose

Intervals can be longer between doses without interfering with immunity.

Two doses give immunity for up to one year. The third dose in 6-12 months extends the protection for 20-25 years.


  • Avoid giving vaccine during an active illness with fever.
  • Avoid giving vaccine to anyone with an allergy to any component of the vaccine.
  • Pregnancy is NOT a contraindication to this vaccine.

Severe reactions are rare. However, you should wait 15 minutes after your injection before leaving.

Report any severe reaction to your health care provider or to Lambton Public Health.