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Frequently Asked Questions from Travel Clients

This page was reviewed or revised on Thursday, July 21, 2016 4:06 PM

How long before I travel should I call to set up an appointment for travel vaccinations and counselling?

It is a good idea to contact the travel clinic as soon as you book your trip.

People travelling to a destination outside of North America should call for information and to set up an appointment about 2-3 months before leaving. Travel clinics tend to fill at least one month in advance and, depending upon the particular vaccine, you may require more than one dose that needs to be spaced one month apart.

How much will travel vaccines cost?

The cost of the vaccinations will depend on where you are travelling and what vaccines are necessary. You can expect to pay up to $300 per person for all of the required vaccinations. Payment is made on the day of your appointment.  Cash, cheque, debit, Mastercard or VISA is accepted.

Will my drug benefits cover the cost of the travel vaccinations?

Some extended drug benefit plans may cover the cost of vaccinations offered by the travel clinic. After paying for your vaccines at County of Lambton Lambton Public Health, you will get a receipt that you can send to your coverage provider.

Will I need anti-malarial medications, and how do I get the medication before travel?

Anti-malarial medication may be recommended for your trip. The public health nurse will counsel you on the recommended medications during your appointment. If it is required, you must complete a medical history form for in order for our physician to prescribe the medication; the prescription will be phoned in to the pharmacy prior to your trip.

How long will my appointment take once I arrive?

The length of the appointment will vary based on the number of vaccines needed. Please allow 45 minutes to one hour for your visit.

What reactions or side-effects may I experience from travel vaccinations?

The vaccinations may cause muscle soreness, redness at the site of the injection and, in the first 24-48 hours, you may feel tired, experience a headache or fever.