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Immunization Requirements

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Schools, Child Care and Early Years Programs

Immunizations are safe, effective and benefit people of all ages. They protect individuals and communities by preventing the spread of disease. As more people are immunized, the risk of disease for everyone is reduced.

Infants, children and teenagers who have received all recommended vaccines as per Ontario’s immunization schedule will not require any further immunizations.

Ontario's Routine Immunization Schedule

Interactive Tools 

Use the following tools to track your family's immunization records and requirements:

Cell Phone Download the FREE app from

  • Easily record and store vaccine information
  • Access vaccination schedules
  • Manage vaccination appointments for the entire family
  • Access evidence-based and expert-reviewed information about recommended and routine vaccinations for children, adults and travellers
  • Receive alerts about disease outbreaks in their area

Immunization Schedule Facebook Graphic The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Facebook page
  • offers an interactive immunization schedule for ages 0-Adult (select "Schedule" from main menu bar)

Is your child's immunization record up-to-date?
Please call us at 519-383-8331, ext. 3589 to verify if your child’s immunization record is up-to-date. Parents are required to report all immunizations to Lambton Public Health in order to attend school, child care, or early years programs. See more information and options to report immunizations.

It's the law: Immunization Requirements

To ensure that both children and the public are protected, the Ontario Ministry of Health administers a universal school immunization program as part of the Immunization of School Pupils Act 1990 and the Child Care and Early Years Act 2014.

The law states that Ontario pupils must be immunized or in the process of becoming immunized, unless they have been legally exempted. Otherwise, they could be suspended from school.

This law applies to all students in Ontario under age 18 who attend private or public primary and secondary schools.

An important requirement of the Act is that Medical Officers of Health must keep immunization records of all school pupils in the province. Lambton Public Health requires a copy of your child’s immunization record for school entry.

Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, 1990, parents are directly responsible for the immunization status of their children. It is the parent's responsibility to notify Lambton Public Health of any vaccinations their child has received at their health care provider’s office. Physicians and health care providers can provide parents with an immunization record (yellow card) but they are not required to notify Lambton Public Health each time a child receives an immunization.

See more information and options to report immunizations.

Vaccine Exemptions

What is a vaccine exemption?

A parent or guardian may choose to either temporarily or permanently exempt a child from receiving vaccinations. An exemption may be obtained if there are medical reasons why the child should not be vaccinated or if the family chooses not to vaccinate the child based on conscience or religious belief. A vaccine exemption allows an unimmunized child to attend daycare or school as long as there are no outbreaks in the facility.

See more information and options for a vaccine exemption.