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Healthy Communities

Built Environment

Built Environment

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Built Environment Defined

The Built Environment is part of our physical surroundings and includes the buildings, parks, schools, road systems, and other infrastructure that we encounter in our daily lives.

Our interactions with the Built Environment can impact our physical and mental health, safety, sense of community belonging, and the economic health of our community.

5 Themes of the Built Environment

Built Environment literature is centered on a number of themes. Lambton Public Health has focused on five:

  • Healthy Transportation Networks
  • Healthy Food Systems
  • Healthy Neighbourhood Design
  • Healthy Natural Environments
  • Healthy Housing

Healthy Community Checklist

More information and actions on these themes can be found in the Healthy Community Checklist (PDF).

This checklist is intended for municipal decision makers and representatives, and community stakeholders to consider where their local communities would benefit most when planning action for the built environment.

Lambton Public Health, community planners, and decision makers in municipal settings share a responsibility to shape healthier built environments and promote positive health behaviors.

Municipalities - Where to start?

1. Develop a list of people and organizations who can advise, support and facilitate a healthy community initiative. For example:

  • Lambton Public Health
  • Local businesses
  • Developers
  • Community Groups, Demographic Groups, and Service Clubs, etc.

2. Evaluate local land-use planning policies, official plans, and master plans with support from Lambton Public Health.

3. Apply health impact assessments to municipal projects with support from Lambton Public Health.

4. Prioritize built environment projects that can improve the health of your community.

Community Stakeholders - Where to start?

- information coming soon


Healthy Rural Communities Toolkit - A Guide for Rural Municipalities

Healthy Community Checklist  - A checklist for municipal and community stakeholders