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Food Premises Inspections

This page was reviewed or revised on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 2:00 PM

PHIs work closely with owners and operators of food premises to ensure their food premises operates properly, and problems are corrected quickly.

During inspections, PHIs look for:

  • Unsafe food handling practices
  • Issues of non-compliance with regulations
  • Investigate food-borne illness and food-borne outbreaks
  • Investigate consumer complaints
  • Action needed on food recalls, fires, floods and emergencies

Inspection of a food premises is random and a food premises operator is not notified prior to an inspection. PHIs conduct the following types of inspections:

  • Routine compliance inspection: An inspection to ensure the food premises is following the Food Premises Regulation
  • Follow-up Inspection (Re-inspection): An inspection to ensure required corrections from the compliance inspection have been completed
  • Compliant Inspection: If someone complains about a food premises, an inspection of the premises is conducted
  • Outbreak Inspection: An inspection at a food premises because an illness has been linked to the food premises
  • Pre-Operational Inspection: An inspection of a food premises before it begins to operate to ensure it meets the requirements of the Food Premises Regulation

The number of routine inspections conducted in a year will depend on the risk rating (high, moderate, or low) given to a food premises by their public health inspector. The minimum number of inspections is:

  • High risk premises: Not less than once every four (4) months
  • Moderate risk premises: Not less than once every six (6) months
  • Low risk premises: Not less than once every 12 months