Lambton Public Health

Emergency Preparedness

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During a disaster, threats to public health may arise almost immediately. Drinking water may become contaminated, food may become unsafe, or the air may become dangerous to breathe. The Medical Officer of Health is a member of the team which directs the overall County response during an emergency. During local emergencies, the Medical Officer of Health may be called upon to sit as a member of the local municipal control group to provide advice on public health matters or initiate a full public health response.

Lambton Public Health is constantly monitoring the spread of diseases throughout the county, the province, and the world to prepare for and mitigate any possible emergency that may affect the health of the residents and visitors of Lambton County.

Important Information to Remember During an Emergency

Tune to a local radio station to obtain information and instructions from emergency officials. You can also receive e-mail, text messages, and/or phone calls from emergency officials by signing up to MyCNN (My Community Notification Network).
These are the local radio stations serving Lambton County:

Please follow the instructions provided by emergency officials and stay away from the disaster scene. Be prepared to relocate if you are advised to do so and follow all instructions carefully.

NEVER USE 9-1-1 TO OBTAIN INFORMATION. 9-1-1 should only be used to report information or to request assistance from police, fire or ambulance services.