Date: June 30, 2016

Clear. Increasing cloudiness after midnight. Wind south 20 km/h becoming light near midnight. Low 17.


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Communicable Diseases Links

Influenza Virus

Information on Aids and HIV

Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Communicable Diseases

Our goal is to completely eliminate the incidence of communicable disease in Lambton County. Prevention is always the best defence. Knowing what you can do to protect your family is important.

Infection Prevention and Control Investigations

This link contains reports on premises where an Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) lapse was identified through the assessment of a complaint referral or communicable disease surveillance. Read more

Needle Stick Injuries

Used syringes that are disposed of improperly may injure people who come in contact with them. Any time a person receives a needle stick injury there is a risk of some very serious diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV / AIDS. Read more

Safe Tattooing and Micropigmentation

Tattoo's and permanent make up (micropigmentation) is becoming increasingly popular. Although these services are becoming more common and much more accessible it is important to be informed and consider the risk of developing blood-borne infections. Read more

Safe Ear and Body Piercing 

Piercings are becoming increasingly popular and are now common to have all over the body. Although these services are becoming more accessible, it is important to be informed and consider the risk of developing blood-borne infections. Read more

Handwashing to Prevent the Spread of Disease

Handwashing is accepted as the most important practice for preventing the transmission of infections. Hands, more than any other body part, are in constant contact with the environment and are therefore, exposed to many contaminants. Hands are a vehicle by which contaminants are transmitted to a place where they may cause infection. Read more

A Guide to Common Infections

Information on the signs, symptoms and treatments of common sexually transmitted diseases - Click to view

Do You Have a Sexually Transmitted Infection?

There are not always signs. That's why there is so much STI around today. And that's why anyone having sex with more that one person should see a doctor or STI clinic at least every 6 months to have an STI check-up. If you have a lot of sex partners you should have a check-up more often. Read more

Protect Yourself From Food Borne Illness

Symptoms of illness caused by poorly handled food can range from vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and cramps to blindness, paralysis, kidney failure, and even death in some cases. Read more