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Cancer Prevention Links

Occupational Cancer Research Centre

Screening Resources for Newcomers & Immigrants (Cancer Care Ontario)

Preventing Cancer of the Breast

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It's Your Body: Be Breast Aware. Get Screened.

Breast health is your responsibility. Do you have a personal plan for breast health?

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among Lambton-area women. Women of all ages should talk with their health-care provider about a personal plan for breast health.

Even if you have regular screening tests (mammograms), be aware of what is normal for your breasts.

  • Become familiar with your breasts -¬ their structure and normal changes. It could save your life. Discovered early, most problems can be treated.
  • If you notice any of the following changes, call or visit a health-care provider as soon as possible:
    • Lump or thickening in your breast
    • Discharge from the nipple
    • Skin changes in the breast or nipple

Over 50 years of age: Have a mammogram once every two (2) years at an Ontario Breast Screening Program. Find the nearest location.
Over 74 years of age: Talk with your health-care provider about breast cancer screening options.
Your health-care provider may do a physical exam of your breasts to check for signs of breast cancer.

Risk Factors: What You Should Know

  • 75%-80% of all breast cancer occurs in women who have no other risk factor than being a woman.
  • Men can develop breast cancer, but it is rare.
  • 20%-25% of breast cancer is caused by other risk factors.

Use My CancerIQ to learn about your personal breast cancer risk factors and how to decrease them. Talk with your health-care provider, friends and women in your family about breast health.


Ontario Breast Screening Program
Breast Cancer Society of Canada
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
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