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Facts About Drug Use

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Males and females begin substance use for different reasons. Guys are more swayed by peer pressure; girls are more influenced by family relationships. Females with poor mother-daughter relationships are 8 times more likely to begin using substances (Edwards, 1999).

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) alcohol and tobacco are usually the first drugs young people experiment with or use, but using alcohol and tobacco does not cause all young people to have drug-related problems. However, these substances create situations or environments that support future/further drug use.

Several reasons young people usually try these drugs first:

  • Availability
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility

Availability: Alcohol and cigarettes are sold in various locations in communities.
Affordability: Price is within what students can afford. Tobacco use is strongly influenced by product cost.
Accessibility: Young people report having little difficulty in accessing alcohol and tobacco.

  • Adolescents who drink heavily or who "binge drink" are more likely to use other drugs than non-drinkers (CAMH).
  • Teen drug use research over the past 25 years (USA) found that alcohol and tobacco are used before cannabis, which in turn, is used before hallucinogens and ‘pills’, and heroin and cocaine.

Talking with your children about these substances often reduces drug use.

Click here to find out the most common drugs used by students Grades 7-12 in our community based on the Ontario Student Drug Use Survey.

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