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Rabies Clinics in Lambton County

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Several low-cost rabies vaccination clinics will be held during March, April and May across Lambton County.

The clinics are open to all cats and dogs, three (3) months of age and older. Animals must be in good health and not vaccinated within the last year. Only rabies vaccine will be offered, except for in Sarnia where microchipping is available for an additional $20.00 fee.

Animals must be leashed or contained. The cost is $25 per animal (cash only).

Clinic locations include:

Rabies is a fatal, viral disease spread by the saliva of an infected animal such as a dog, cat, fox, raccoon, bat, livestock, etc. Saliva can enter the body through a bite or scratch. Owners of dogs and cats are required by law to vaccinate their pats against rabies.

For more information on vaccination clinics, or about rabies, call 519-383-8331, toll free 1-800-667-1839, or visit

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