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Safe Water

Drinking Water

Recreational Water


Pools and Spas

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Swimming and other water-related activities are enjoyed by people of all ages.

While pools and spas serve a large number of people, they present a public health concern. Pool and spa waters can expose bathers to disease organisms that cause skin infections, eye, ear and throat infections, respiratory infections, and intestinal infections.

The level of disinfectant in the water is one of the most important features of proper pool or spa water maintenance. Monitoring disinfectant levels ensures that disease organisms are killed.

To be sure the disinfectant is working, it is necessary to keep the water chemically balanced, and that proper circulation and filtration of the water occurs. Regular maintenance - chemical testing, cleaning and backwashing of filters, etc. - is needed to keep the pool water quality at the highest level.

Cleanliness and sanitation of the entire pool facility must be considered. Dirty decks, floors, toilet seats, locker room benches and towels are potential sources of disease.

Pool and Spa Inspections

Learn more about public pool and public spa inspections.


Download and view a variety of resources to help operate your public pool and public spa.

To talk with a public health inspector (PHI) about a public pool or public spa in Lambton County, call 519-383-8331 or toll free 1-800-667-1839.