Date: June 15, 2019

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At Work 5 employeesMost employed Canadian adults spend at least 60% of their waking hours at work. This makes the workplace an ideal setting to promote healthy eating.

Historically, workplaces have taken responsibility for removing environmental safety hazards in the workplace, while the onus has been on employees to be responsible for maintaining a healthy diet. However, the workplace food environment and the demands of work may negatively impact eating and physical activity behaviours, which may lead to employees developing nutrition related chronic diseases.

Whether it's the candy dish on a co-workers desk, treats brought in for a celebration, a fundraising bake sale, or cookies and donuts at a meeting, food is always present. Even though many of us have good intentions to make healthy choices and maintain a healthy weight, being around food on a regular basis can lead to over eating. It only takes an extra 50-150 calories a day to gain weight.

Tips to make healthy eating at work easier:

  • Get rid of candy or treats that are highly visible. Out of sight, out of mind!
  • Replace the candy dish with a basket of fruit.
  • Have vegetables and fruit at staff meetings instead of cookies or muffins.
  • Choose fundraisers that do not involve food.
  • Start a Worksite Wellness Committee so employees and management can work together to promote and support healthy eating.
  • Develop a healthy eating policy which sets out criteria for the types of food and beverages that can be sold and offered in the workplace.

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